The band
Guitar, Vocals: 
Shannon Alley
Sara Maitri
Sean Mooney

Bass, Vocals: 
Karen McIntyre

Vocals, Bass: 
Cindy Mooney

Lead Guitar: 
Guy Sperry

What are we up to?

April 24, 2014
Marilyn’s on K
with Direct Divide

July 26, 2014
Sky Room at 
Country Club Lanes

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booking the p’s
send an email to

call Erin @ 916.873.2329

What makes a band demand your attention… ignite, excite and draw you in?

Is it heart-breaking harmonies?

Stand-out vocals?

Emotion drenched lyrics?

High -energy performances?

Screaming guitar solos?

Rocking originals and covers that force you to get up and dance?

The Chick P’s bring all of this and more. A fun, spirited, rock and blues band made up of 4 chicks and a guy named Guy...the band’s guitar muse. They are pound for pound, a contagiously fun, feel-good band!

Founded in Northern California in 2006, by song writing partners, Shannon Alley and Cindy Mooney, the band came together on a whim and quickly began shape shifting, with the addition of Karen McIntyre, percussionist turned bassist. What started as a folk cover band, featuring strong vocal talents and harmonious arrangements, gained energy and new direction, with the arrival of drummer Sara Maitri. Along came guitarist, Guy Sperry, talented & enthusiastic, opening the band to greater horizons.

Rock & blues was born into the group, and with the vocals to pull it off, The Chick P’s have become infectious! Count on classic rock, danceable blues, AND A ROCKIN’ GOOD TIME with The Chick P’s.